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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dopress book not my project

Dozens of sketcher friends around the world have contacted me in the past month about an email they have received from a China-based publisher known as Dopress, which is preparing a book with the same title as mine, The Art of Urban Sketching.

Sketchers are receiving emails from an editor named Ivy who invites them to submit their artwork for publication.

I have never been in contact with this person or this publisher. A quick look at their website shows a catalogue of books on interior design, graphic design and architecture.

While I personally don't like the idea of a book with the same title as mine, I can't find a compelling reason to disapprove of a project that aims to showcase an art form I practice and work hard to promote on a daily basis. Besides, book titles can't be copyrighted.

Sketchers should use their own judgement when deciding to contribute to this or any other publishing projects.